Armadillo Healing

ABOUT Camille

​The healing arts are my calling. I first arrived on this path through organic farming, when at age 15 I fell in love with having my hands in the earth. I've worked on organic farms all over the world, harvesting everything from heirloom tomatoes to grass-based livestock and dairy. During this time, I found that working with the land was grounding. It built up my strength, but I was also struggling with the demands of manual labor due to my own chronic physical pain. So I embarked on a journey, filled with wonder, to learn how to heal my own body, and in return help others. 

I am still inspired by the magic I experience practicing the many modalities I've studied, and have a thirst for knowledge that keeps me going back to the classroom to learn more. From body work to energetic practices that clear the emotional body to intuitive readings, I address every dimension of your wellbeing.  

I specialize in Esalen and deep tissue massage, Reiki, Access Bars energy work, and tarot. Please ask about incorporating a combination of these into one of your sessions. My goal is to bring harmony and balance to everyone who comes to my table, so they can become their best, pain-free self and share it with the world. 

Massage & Energy Work