"Knowing nothing about receiving Bars, but truly trusting my therapist, I recently experienced my first session 2 days ago. Within the first 2 minutes of her touching my head, I drifted into a calm dreamworld of sorts. While the experience is hard to put in words, I wll say that it was relaxing and profound with vivid images throughout the session. 2 days later and I still feel calm. Something in me has been unlocked and I can't wait to go back!" 
- L.Z. massage therapist 

"The Bars treatment made me acutely aware of my body and its blockages, and was both relaxing and grounding. It helped my body open up to the adjustments my chiropractor made later that day, so she was able to get in deeper than I thought possible." - L.H. herbalist and musician 
"I felt much more myself, not torn in any direction or as conflicted. More ease. More balance. Well rested. Like my energy was dispersed throught and not just my head."- J.H. accupuncturist 

"Bars has helped my head feel lighter. I've been doing a lot of trauma processing lately, going into old neural networks that have kept me trapped in old pains and self defeating patterns to build new positive ones. Bars expedites the clearing out of the cognitive clutter. I recommend it for anyone wanting to get rid of energetic imprints of negative thoughts and memories that weigh you down, so you can interpret life in a present moment lense." - A.S. writer

"Very powerful technology. I want another session! It's helping me to not be so emotional. I can observe things and not be triggered! I've been breathing deeper too."- R.F. energy worker

Access Bars are 32 energetic points on the head that correlate to varying fundamental aspects of your life such as your relationship to your body, food, money or lack there of, power and control, the aging process etc. These points, called The Bars, are electromagnetic hubs that store any and every thought, feeling, opinion, attitude or belief system we hold or have held, whether we judge them as good or bad, right or wrong. Regardless, these judgements and belief systems color and have colored our perspective on any and every aspect of our life since the minute we started collecting this electromagnetic clutter.

What are The Bars? 

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What Are The Benefits?

BARS Testimonials

Imagine your brain as a room where a hoarder has been living. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, this room has been filled with garbage. Junk is stacked neatly, piled high, and the only space you have to walk through is as narrow as a rabbit trail. Talk about “the narrow confines of the mind”, literally. Access Bars as a modality helps us unlock our limitless human potential by beginning to throw out the garbage. Each time your Bars are “run”, as we call it, imagine another aisle being cleared in the crowded room, giving your more space to be and operate as your authentic self without the tinting and coloring of judgment. As a certified Bars practitioner, during a session, Camille will lightly touch and hold each of these 32 Bars, engaging them and essentially turning them ON to “run”. Each experience is unique and every session is different because Access Bars meets you where you’re at and clears for you what’s most in need of clearing first. It comes off in layers, slowly peeling back the junk and debris to unveil the potent, incredible being that is YOU underneath. Another metaphor would be a computer that’s desktop is filled with clutter. Running the Bars is like pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and moving that junk to the trash. Imagine what it would feel like to operate with that much space and clarity. Without those nagging angel and devil on your shoulder, those should and shouldn’ts agonizing over our every movement and decision. How about instead operating from a deeply centered knowing of what is right, because deep down in our highest self we all already know. That’s what Access Bars gives us access to. How cool is that?

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