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​Absolutely all of us would benefit from an Esalen® Massage. Particularly beneficial for those in need of a nurturing touch. Whether you're simply exhausted from a stressful week at work, or going through a more challenging, emotionally tumultuous time. Whether you're needing to heal from a recent shock or an old trauma haunting you from your past. Esalen® Massage is an experience that has you melt into the table, completely and utterly relaxing. The bliss that all of us are deserving to receive. A coming home into our bodies. You'll feel put back together again.   

Who Can Benefit from Esalen® Massage?

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Esalen® Massage is a style of bodywork that was developed at the Esalen Institute. Esalen has become famous for its spectacular bathhouse hanging on the cliffs with views of the pounding surf and open sky, and tubs filled with the piping hot thermal water as well as water from the icy cold mountainside springs. During the early years at the Institute, the community gathered at these bathhouses and played with many modalities of bodywork, incorporating them into something profoundly beautiful and new that has become known and sought after around the world: Esalen® Massage. 

Inspired by the undulating rhythms of the Pacific Ocean, Esalen® Massage is flowing, dynamic and powerful. Slow, sinking strokes delicately attuned to the rhythm of your body have the power to lull you into sleep while gathering back up all the scattered pieces of you, an integration of mind, body and spirit. The practitioner holds the space for you to gently unfold, addressing you as a whole beautiful being, rather than breaking you up into the sum of your parts. Esalen massage is known for its long, flowing, full body strokes, gentle rocking and full handed, rhythmic, repetitive passes of the practitioners hand. A blend of techniques borrowed and learned from many modalities has become a powerful nurturing healing experience.

The Esalen Institute is a world renowned educational and spiritual retreat center located in Big Sur, California. It was founded in 1962 by Michael Murphy and Dick Price, two individuals dedicated to the vision of community and exploring the limits of untapped human potential. Situated high up on the cliffs of U.S. Highway 1, with breathtaking views of the dynamic Pacific Ocean, the Institute has attracted workshop leaders and students from all over the world. They all come to teach each other, to learn from each other, to heal, to ground and to grow.  Esalen is a community inspired by the land, the ocean and the sky and that magic thats surrounds and is part of all of us. 

What is The Esalen Institute?

What is Esalen® Massage?