Armadillo Healing

Its works like MAGIC! Trust me. I can't explain it and it doesn't really need explaining. All I know is that Tarot, single handedly, has made me believe that there is SO much to this world than meets the eye. And that something is listening, and guiding us. Its a connection with a higher power, our deepest truth. Whether we're communicating directly with God, Spirit, The Universe, Our Higher Self, Source Energy, I don't have that answer. But its really exciting, and incredibly magical. All you need to bring with you to a reading is your questions, then hold your intention as you shuffle the deck and trust in the process as you choose your cards. The rest will unfold just as its meant to.

What Is Tarot? 

What Can You Ask The Cards?

How does it work?

You can ask literally anything from the tarot deck. However, don't expect to get a straight forward YES or NO answers. The cards tend to be a lot more philosophical than that. Instead they often offer lessons that need to be learned regarding a situation, or key pieces of wisdom that can help you better down your path. Tarot is most well known for the key archetypes they use to capture the energy surrounding a given person or situation. 

The cards often bring about an ah hah! moment, as you resonate with the lessons they bring up for you. There guidance is like a mirroring tool, helping to gain insight and perspective on a given troublesome topic, as well as recognize any internal or external influence, whether they are helpful or disturbing. Readings often end with a key piece of advice on how to proceed, or a culminating lesson. 

Tarot Cards are an ancient divination tool used to channel a higher power in search of guidance, insight and clarity surrounding problems one is facing here on the physical realm. Its like a counseling session with "the Universe". Some call it a Mirror of the Soul. A profound self discovery tool that offers a different lense and a fresh perspective on whatever questions are troubling you.