Armadillo Healing

Massage and EnergyWork

"Cammie's massages are everything I need: thoughtful, thorough, and invigorating. I've been going regularly for a while now and she is consistently excellent.  I'm grateful to witness her passion and dedication towards serving her clients and continuing to learn and evolve through her practice. Practice self care and give it a go!" - Melanie Kemp, mountain biker

"Cammie is excellent. She has a skill for tracking down troublesome areas and thoroughly treating them. She has helped me with relief from tension headaches as well as tight calves from time spent on the bike. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for thoughtful and thorough care. My injured shoulder is feeling completely better after all the work you put into it. My neck hasn't been as tight and my shoulder blades feel amazing!" - Shaunna Richard, mountain biker, climber, and white water kayaker

"Cammie's massage is nothing short of amazing!" - Caroline Richardson, massage therapist and pheonix rising yoga therapist

"We met Cammie when she was still a student therapist in massage school and immediately loved her work and the person who she is. Now that she is a practicing massage therapist we continue to appreciate her abilities, her commitment to taking her skills to the highest levels possible, and her commitment to providing the best body work possible to her clients in a caring and thoughtful way. We look forward to working with her for years to come." - Don and Bonnie, photographers

"Much like bringing your car to a very skilled mechanic, Cammie brings a high level of skill to massage therapy. She was able to diagnose and treat troubled areas that I was not aware of. In addition to her skill she builds a significant level of human connection to each session. I wasn't just the customer I was someone she honestly cared about helping. Cammie's drive comes from watching other people's lives improve and she cares about helping you get there. The day after my massage I felt loose and had a much better range of motion. I posted my fastest running time since high school!" - Brendan Kelley, runner

"I've been looking for a great massage therapist for years. It's a personal choice, and I had not found anyone who seemed to "get" me. I like a therapist who is intuitive and creative. Cammie is both. I'm so comfortable with her. I feel lucky to have discovered Cammie and Armadillo Healing. I highly recommend her!" - Michelle Raiford, animal rights activist

"Cammie, I cannot remember the last time I woke up and could actually move! I am almost totally pain free today. Thank you again, sweet lady!" - Trista Hudzick, potter

"Cammie is a great massage therapist! She made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and heard. She has strong hands and gives a very powerful and relaxing massage. She incorporated some yoga stretches during the massage work which I liked the most. She even took the time after the massage to recommend some daily yoga stretches for me. Thank you Cammie!" - Deanna Riggan, farmer & herbalist

I've asked some of my  clients to share a few words about  their experience with me Through Armadillo Healing Massage & EnergyWork. Here's What a few of them had to say: