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I would like to argue that there are now two mammals on this planet earth that wear their armor on their backs; the armadillo, and us. Yes by us, I mean humans: the human race.

Particularly in Western cultures, going hand and hand with the fast paced, stressful lifestyles we lead is a body posture and its associated aches and pains that is very reminiscent of the curled, armored back of the armadillo. To make it through the daily stress and burdens of this busy, modern world, we have morphed into these guarded creatures. We take on heavy loads and quietly endure them. In doing so, to protect our big hearts and our gentle spirits, we pack on a hard exterior shell, much like the armor of the armadillo.

With this armor comes many negative consequences. Firstly, on an emotional level, we have a more guarded disposition, hiding our emotions from each other and sometimes even from ourselves. On a physical level, as a species, we are experiencing chronic neck, shoulder and back pain at an unprecedented level.  We are truly carrying the weight of our world on our shoulders, and our bodies are bearing the consequence.

I chose to name my massage and energy work practice Armadillo Healing because I believe that by receiving routine massage and energy work, we can heal this guarded armadillo energy on both a physical and emotional level. Receiving these forms of self care allows you to relax, re-engage with the delicate rhythms of your own body, and let your guard down. On the massage table you can begin to shed your armor, no longer stuck in the contracted state of the fight-or-flight response. From here, I can help work with you through your layers of armor, unwinding knots and calming chronic aches and tensions trapped in your body. After even one session with me at Armadillo Healing, you'll walk out of my office visibly more open and relaxed.

Armadillo & Massage



The Armadillo is the only mammal that wears its protection in the form of armor on its back. As a spirit totem, armadillo energy protects us  and can manifest as a guarded disposition. People holding armadillo energy have a natural defense system up, always quick with their fight or flight response.

Armadillo appears to teach us about our personal boundaries. When threatened, armadillo energy can help protect our softer inner selves. But armadillo also teaches us how and when to be vulnerable, to unroll from our armored ball and let our guards down.